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“There aren’t many businesses that I’ll bother writing a review for, but Sell To Jorvel definitely deserves a write-up. I inherited an old family farm that I simply can’t use. It’s out in the country and there’s no way I can put aside time to work it. Anyway, Sell To Jorvel took that thing off my hands without a hitch! I simply reached out to them, they gave me a cash offer, and then they handled the rest! If you need a fast cash solution for an old property, this is the team to go with!”

Caroline K.

Local Business Owner

“I chose to turn to Sell To Jorvel because my grandma passed away leaving me stuck with a crumbling home. I didn’t have time to take care of repairs or anything like that, but with these guys I didn’t have to worry about any of that! They took a look at my home, made me an offer, and bought it JUST LIKE THAT! If you’ve got a fixer-upper that’s not worth your time or energy, I highly recommend using Sell To Jorvel!”

Sarah W.


“When I decided to work with Sell To Jorvel I was a bit nervous because I’ve heard bad things about cash for house businesses. Let me tell you, these guys leave you with NOTHING to worry about! They were extremely professional throughout the entire process and they gave me an awesome offer. I received my cash just one week after they made their offer, which was really what convinced me to write this review. Definitely use them to sell a Jersey home!”

Arthur J.


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